Here is a list of products that have worked well for my clients. Contact me for other recommendations based on what you need:

Apple Macbook Pro: I recommend the Pros over the Airs.

Apple MacMini: Best bang for your buck.

PC Laptop: Good day-to-day machine with an i5 processor + 8GB RAM. Or, here is another choice with upgradable specs.

PC Desktop: Decent computer from Lenovo with a quad-core processor.

Monitor: This is an inexpensive 24" monitor. Here's a better 27" 4K monitor.

Norton Security: No anti-virus is perfect, but on a PC it is a necessity.

MalwareBytes: This excellent product is especially effective for cleaning.

Office 2019: Cheapest price.

Parallels: Run Windows on your Mac.

External DVD/CD: Here's one for $25.

Backup Drive: You must back up your data.

SSD: Replace your hard drive with a solid-state one to vastly improve its performance and reliability. (bracket)

Wireless Router: Full-featured router with excellent range.

Wireless Mesh: New networking technology for larger spaces.

Square: Simple and inexpensive credit card processing.

Splashtop: I use this excellent service for remote access.

G-Suite: Rock-solid email hosting with great spam filtering.

Dreamhost: Good web hosting that is reasonably priced.

Private Internet Access: Use this VPN to protect your web browing, especially on public wifi.