Here are some suggestions for various products and technologies that I have setup for my clients. Contact me to discuss specifically what would work best for you.

Backup Drive: You must back up your data.

Apple Macbook Air: Apple is transitioning over to the new M1 chips. The new Airs are just absolutely outstandingly fast. And the MacMini has also been updated with the M1.

Lenovo Laptop: Good day-to-day machine with i5 processor and 8GB RAM. Or another choice with better specs. And a 14" model.

Lenovo Desktop: Decent computer with a quad-core processor.

Viewsonic Monitor: An inexpensive 24" monitor. Or here's a better 27" 4K monitor. Or a giant 32" monitor.

Wifi: Eero Mesh uses several boxes to blanket large spaces. There is also the well-priced TP-Link Deco. Or this Vanin is a one-router option with next-gen WiFi6. Also, here is a decent repeater.

Security Suite: No anti-virus is perfect, but on a PC it is a necessity. Norton is pretty decent. MalwareBytes is especially effective for cleaning.

Brother Printers: Most printers disappoint, but these B&W all-in-ones lasers are decent. For color, this HP Inkjet is not too bad.

SSD: We can vastly improve performance and reliability by replacing your hard drive with a solid-state drive. (bracket).

Square: Simple and inexpensive credit card processing.

Splashtop: I use this excellent service for remote access.

Google Workspace: Rock-solid email hosting, aka Google Apps aka G-Suite.

Dropbox: Excellent cloud-based storage.

Dreamhost: Good and reasonably priced web hosting.

Private Internet Access: Use a VPN for security and privacy, especially on public wifi.

Other Recommendations: WiFi dongle. Thunderbolt 3 Dock. USB-C hub. Webcam. External DVD/CD. Ergo Mouse. Bluetooth Mouse. Office 2021.

Disclosure: I earn a small commission on some of these referrals.

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